In the GrassGreat tasting wholesome food, fresh from the Farm

Fun for the family in a beautiful countryside setting.

Learn about food, agriculture and our environment.

Established in 1975, Appleberry Farm has grown to be a local favorite for fresh-picked apples and delicious cider in the Fall. Now we have expanded to strawberries & raspberries in the summer. Come visit the Orchard, feed the Chickens and sit by the Duck pond. Enjoy a Hayride or walk through our oak savanna with beautiful views towards Blue Mounds.

Check our Seasonal Calendar to learn what is happening on the Farm each season.

To find us, link to our location on Google Maps.

6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Good morning!
    I’m a local Pine Bluff/Mount Horeb girl that’s been visiting the orchard every fall for the last 20+ years. :) Now a mom to four boys that love the caramel apples, a family physician in Madison, and a hobbyist photographer. I’m wondering if it would be an option to shoot a little girl’s 1yo photos at the orchard next Wednesday morning (5/6/15)? Family lives near Shullsburg, so not sure yet if they want to travel this way or not. But I thought with the trees nearly blooming, it might be just gorgeous in morning light on the southwest end of the orchard.
    I would happily trade an hour of time in the orchard for an hour of business or family photos for you guys with digital files and printing rights.
    Please be in touch!


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