We know Spring is coming soon when the Maple trees begin to produce sap, and our friends boil it down into delicious syrup. Visit our farm store for local Wisconsin Maple syrup.

We will be preparing the garden for planting as soon as the soil warms up. Our tomato plants are already growing strong in our greenhouse. We take off the straw from our strawberries beds and they begin to grow again.  Additional new strawberry plants are put in the ground and will produce the following year.

Come visit our farm when the Orchard is in full bloom. Typically peak bloom is in early May around Mother’s Day weekend.  Enjoy a hayride or stroll through the Orchard to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Call ahead 798 – 2780 for a firm schedule.

The asparagus pokes its head up out of the ground in mid-May, and is one of the first foods we enjoy in the Spring.  We even grow Purple asparagus which is also great in salads.

The beehives are busy again as the first dandelions and apple trees are in bloom.  The Queen bee begins to lay thousands of eggs which grow up into worker bees to collect the nectar all Summer.  Take home a jar of local honey from our Farmstore – call ahead 798-2780.

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