Our Apples

Ready to pick late August through end of October
Check back often for dates

Familiar Favorites

MacIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Jonathan, Jonagold, Gala, Rome & Red Delicious.

Special midwest varieties

IdaRed, Connell Red, RedCort, Haralson, Prairie Spy, Northern Spy, NW Greening, and Wolf River.

Heirloom apples

Golden Russet, Cox Orange Pippen, Snow, Tolman Sweet, Sheepnose, Twenty Ounce, Pink Pearl, Akane, Duchess, Wealthy, Pitmason Pineapple, Winter Banana, Westfield Seek-no-further, Tompkin Co King, and many more!
Our farm has many unique heirloom apple varieties that are no longer commercially available. These antique apple trees bear limited quantities but are truly a special treat, each with its own story!

Our Berries


Our strawberries normally ripen in early June and are finished by end of June.  Always check ahead for opening dates/times due to weather.

We are normally open for U-Pick berries on weekends and a few evening week nights after work. Bring your family or friends and enjoy the wonderful flavor of fresh picked berries!
Please call ahead 608 798 2780.


There are two kinds of raspberry plants, one bears its fruit in the Summer, and the other bears in the Fall.  We grow Summer Red Raspberries which are usually ripe right after the Strawberries are done in early July.  Call ahead in July to find out when we are open for picking.

Fall raspberries coincide with apples- check here for more information after Labor Day.  We usually have a limited supply of raspberries in the Fall


Come pick a pail of blueberries in July.  We have a small patch with young bushes. Call ahead to find out when we're open for picking.
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