Make sure your Thanksgiving Dinner is complete with a delicious apple pie and jug of cider. Put some extra in your freezer to enjoy all winter long.

Please call 798-2780 for fresh cider, apples, honey and apple firewood to keep you warm all winter.

In January through March we are busy pruning and training the apple trees while they are dormant in the winter. Our work now will help the trees produce bigger higher quality apples the next fall. We cut certain branches to allow sunlight and breezes to flow through the tree. This allows the fruit to ripen and reduces the chance of disease.

In late March we remove the straw mulch from the berries so they begin to wakeup. We begin preparing the fields for planting as the soil warms in the Spring sunshine.

Come visit our friends and neighbors at Summer’s Christmas Tree Farm on Rocky Dell Road in Middleton. Appleberry will be serving hot cider and goodies there, when you pick out that perfect tree. Merry Christmas!
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