Berry Beliefs

Berry Beliefs

When are the berries ready to pick?
Our strawberries normally ripen around Father’s Day (Mid-June) and last until July 4th. Summer raspberries are ripe throughout the month of July.
We open for U-Pick berries on weekends and a few evenings weeknites after work. Bring your family or friends and enjoy the wonderful flavor of fresh picked berries!
Please call ahead 608 798 2780.

How long does it take to grow a strawberry?

The delicious plump strawberry you pick in June, only started as a small white flower blossom in May.   After the bees visit the flower it will begin to form into a small hard green berry.  We need lots of sunshine, warmth, and an steady amount of rain over the next 4-5 weeks.  We use drip irrigation which is a small tube underground to help provide water to the plants.   This helps get the water directly to the roots, rather than overhead sprays which waste water and creates more opportunity for disease.  We don’t spray while our berries are forming so using drip irrigation is important.  Only until early June do the berries start to turn red and grow juicy and sweet.  It is a very short season so the weather at this time is very important.  Sometimes we get too much rain, or it gets too hot, and the berries will rot before we can get them picked.

Farming strawberries is risky business, so when you pick that perfect yummy berry, know that it took alot of things to go just right.
Is it difficult to grow blueberries?

There are not a lot of blueberries grown in Southern Wisconsin because they require a very acidic soil.  Our soils in the Madison area are often a higher pH than blueberries will like.  It takes years to grow a big blueberry bush, but is so fun and delicious when they are ready to pick each July.

At Appleberry we have been successful with a small patch of blueberry bushes, and now we are expanding.  Our secret to growing blueberries has something to do with the apple cider you drink in the Fall.  Come pick a pail of blueberries in July and we might tell you our secret!
When are the raspberries ready to pick?

There are two kinds of raspberry plants, one bears its fruit in the Summer, and the other bears in the Fall.  We grow Summer Red Raspberries which are usually ripe right after the Strawberries are done in early July.

Summer raspberries are on canes which grew the prior year, so every August we remove the canes which just produced berries and let the new canes keep growing for next year.
Fall bearing raspberries are produced on the same cane which grows up out of the ground that Spring.  These are different varieties but they all taste similar.

Call ahead in July to find out when we are open for picking.
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